Well, I was more than disappointed to be told that peeps can tag any image I post on this blog and take them virtually anywhere they want, (mad face)!  The internet is turning out to NOT be professional photographers friend.  I had to completely withdraw from Facebook because of the same reason.  It use to be that if someone wanted to tag one of your images in your album, you were notified and you had to approve the request.  Not anymore, to the best of my knowledge.  It’s too bad really, any professional photographer loves to share their work.  But we don’t make our living from “Taking” pictures, we do from “Selling” them.  The internet makes it too easy for everyone to benefit from our work without having to pay for it.  SOOOOOOOO……prolly not posting too much here anymore.  BUTTTTT…’s a self-assignment image from the other night.  Vintage color, lens flare and four beautiful sisters, not a bad assignment!


~ by Jim on August 9, 2010.

One Response to “Sisters”

  1. that sucks, but good looking assignment though 😉

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