Folio Winner – Lydia

We’ve had a great time with all the seniors that chose Nelson’s Photography Studio for their senior portraits.  Creative senior portraits is what we are all about.  Unique senior portraits don’t happen by accident.  It requires a ton of education, experience and talent to create truly awesome, not Facebook awesome, portraits.  It’s not the equipment people!!!!!!! If I put you on the race track along with Jimmy Johnson (NASCAR champ) in exactly the same car, I think I know who win the race.  It’s the same with successful portrait photography. 

Sorry about getting on my soap-box again about professional portrait photography….but I’ve spent the majority of my adult life dedicated to learning portrait photography and each year I think I’m getting better.    What’s being accepted by the general public is just plain bad, it’s no wonder people don’t think they look good in photos, they’ve never been photographed properly. 

Here’s a senior folio that was entered into competition and it received a blue ribbon for excellence.  Lydia has been in the studio several times this past year and we’ve had a great time with her images.  Variety is the key to a great senior experience and that includes accessaries.  Here’s the entry:


~ by Jim on January 4, 2010.

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