Getting caught-up

Whoa, it’s been too long since my last post!  June went by like a lighting bolt and here it is the end of the second week of July…why doesn’t January go this quickly?  Oh well, I want to post some of the cooler stuff I’ve been up to the past few weeks.  Here’s the first:


This is Ian from Richland Center.  We had a great time during his session.  This shot was done using high-speed off camera flash which is a new technique that we’ve been working on this summer.  The look it gives you is really cool and edgy, kinda fashion/magazine.  At any rate, a new look to add to our product line!  Here’s another:


Taken with the same technique  used with Ian, this is Dylan from Mineral Point.  I really like how the skies turn-out with using high-speed flash.  If you like this style or not, we got it here plus all of the other really cool, contemporary and traditional portraiture.


Rachel from Wauzeka was in the studio during the month of June and this image taken with more tradition outdoor lighting techiques.  The softness of the wildflowers along with the colors make this image perfect for girls.


I photographed Molly’s older brother a couple years ago and it’s always great to see families returning to the studio.  Molly’s from River Valley and I took a TON, yes that’s actually a number, of images for her.  Molly fit right in here at the studio and it showed in her images.  This is one of my favorite close-ups!


~ by Jim on July 9, 2009.

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