It’s about time….

Wow, I have a new definition for the word “swamped”!  I’ve been working on studio representatives images almost non-stop since Easter AND I’M FINALLY DONE!  Pretty incredible really.  All the images I created of this years group of studio representatives for senior pictures, class of 2010 turned-out great.  I’ve taken advantage of some new locations around town and the countryside and I’m really happy with the results.  I’m appling new actions and image treatments that make the images just “pop”.  It’s going to be an fantastic senior portrait season here at Nelson’s Photography in Richland Center for sure.  I want to thank all of the new local “photographers” that keep crawling out of the woodwork have folowing me around to the outdoor locations that I use, you’ve pushed me to find new and better ones!  So until you can figure where I’m going now…good luck!

Here are a handfull of images from this years senior portrait session for the class of 2010.  Featured today are Destin and Leah from Richland Center, Stacy from Mineral Point, Brooke from River Valley and Brianna from Riverdale.



~ by Jim on May 7, 2009.

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