Another new Favorite….children’s portraits

It seems that with every new session, I have another new favorite!  I reall do enjoy portrait photography, seniors, children, family and yes even schools pictures.  I have done many different jobs over my many years of working, I’m very thankful that I can do something that gives me so much satisfaction and at the same time create something that’s going to only increase in value.

I also really appreciate my clients.  Thanks guys/gals for selecting this studio to photograph you, your families and children.  Thanks for seeing the difference, and valueing the difference.  There’s alot of bad “photographers” out there now with digital, it’s become very disappointing to see what some “professionals” are passing off as portrait photography, I sometimes can’t believe that they charge anything for their images.  Besides that, I can’t believe anyone would pay them for something they could probably do themselves.  Well enough, I just get so defensive that it takes more than just buying a camera to do what I’ve been studing for over 24 years.



~ by Jim on December 10, 2008.

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