Stretching a hat…a how to

I’m departing from my usual posts with regard to Nelson’s Photography Studio to post a hat stretching technique that worked great for me.  When I bought a fitted hat online from Lids the largest size I could get was L/XL.  I knew before I got it that it would be on the tight side and it was.  I went online to find-out how to stretch a hat and I found no sure-fire way to do it, infact some said it couldn’t be done…wrong.  I combined a couple of recommendations and got my hat to fit perfect.  I wanted to post this technique somewhere online for others to find…my blog!

To stretch a fitted hat simple get a smaller plastic ball, a kids play ball in the appropriate size.  Deflate it alittle and put the hat all the way on the ball.  Re-inflate the ball with the hat on it and apply steam generously around the hat.  I used an iron, pushing the burst button, keeping the iron within 1″ of the hat.  I let the hat sit on the ball over-night and it was perfect.  It’s been over one month the hat has not shrunk back at all.

Trust me boys and girls, this did the trick for me and it should work for you too!


~ by Jim on December 4, 2008.

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