The Greatest Runningback Ever!


Is my son Matthew…and I challenge anyone to argue with me!  Just kidding.  Football is my son Matthew’s favorite sport by far.  He enjoys most sports but football is where it’s at for him.  I’m very proud of the season he had this year.  Starting at runingback and linebacker for his eigth grade team here in Richland Center.  The team finished 6-2 and they were a very balanced which both ran and threw the ball effectively.  Alot of players were able to contribute and they didn’t rely on the play of only one or two players.  The big guys on the line did their job very well, it all starts with the line and they don’t get near the credit they deserve.

Anyway, Matthew has put alot of time during the off-season to get ready for the football season and it paid off for him.  He’s already working-out regularly and looking forward to next year when he’s in high school.


~ by Jim on November 14, 2008.

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