Star Spangled – Saturday

The weather was the issue early on, the Honky Tonk Tailgate Party kicked-off Saturdays line-up.  Their act was cut short as the park needed to be shut down due to a storm packing high winds, hail and lightening blew through town.  It seems this happens every year, we can’t catch a break.  All the volunteers go to the Pine River Gun Club located in the basement of a building kitty-corner from the park.  I was able to just go home to wait-out the storm.  Two of the Honky Tonk got to perform before the shut-down.  I was able to talk with Mark Wills quiet abit during the afternoon, he was only able to sing one song and he was done.  He had his nine year old daughter with him on the trip.  It’s funning how all kids are the same, even the stars.

Luke Bryan put on a great show.  He’s very animated on stage and really gets the crowd into it.  You know, it always amazes me that so many guys just stand by the mike and sing.  They don’t entertain.  They don’t get the crowd going and they lose them.  There must be 1000 singers as good as some of these guys just waiting for the chance you’d think you would be more entertaining on stage once you’re there.  Luke really got the crowd going and has the stage presences to go far.

Next up was the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band.  The classic act of the show.  I’ve been listening to these guys since the ’70’s and they were great.  Every year SS has an act from the past perform, and every year I’m impressed that the everyone there is back stage watching and listening.  Luke Bryan took the stage when Nitty Gritty sang “Fishin’ in the Dark” he sang it with them.

Billy Ray Cyrus flew into Madison on Saturday afternoon and from what I heard stopped at the DQ before getting to the show.  Interesting for the people who happened to be there at the time.  His show was o.k., he’s not as entertaining as I thought he would be.  Nothing like hearing Achy Breaky Heart live!  The crowd loved it and Billy.

The surprize of the show for me was Sara Evans.  I was not expecting such a terrific show!  She’s got a new fan here.  Dispite her diva behavior backstage, e.g. she had to be driven from her bus to the stage steps which is a total of maybe 100 feet!  She put all out on stage.  I had forgotten how many hits she’s had and she entertained.  I rarely stay till the bitter end but I did this year.  Thanks Sara for a great finally to the show.


~ by Jim on July 8, 2008.

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