Star Spangled – Friday

Friday kicked-off with Emerson Drive, then Tracy Lawrence, Sawyer Brown and finished with Neal McCoy.  This is the second time back for Emerson Drive, Sawyer Brown and Neal McCoy have been here multiple times.  Tracy Lawrence was the only rookie on Friday.  The rain held off until Neal McCoy.  When it started raining Neal stopped whatever he was signing at the time and broke into a improv version “I love a rainy night” followed by “raindrops keep fall on my head”.  Neal is theeee best entertainer we’ve ever had here.  He could be here every year and nobody would get tired of him.  If you don’t have a smile on your face from begining to end of his show then there’s something wrong with you.  AND, he’s the nicest guy backstage.

Alittle Neal McCoy story.  One of my friends, Terry, helps me photograph the event.  Terry’s mom is a huge McCoy fan but couldn’t come see him because Terry’s dad was in the hospital.  Neal was hanging around backstag talking to everyone and Terry mentioned this to Neal.  Neal then asked him if he could call his mom which Terry did, Neal took the time to talk to her and even sang to her abit.  What a guy.  But, that’s the way he is – the best.

Backstage, Tracy was nice and receptive to his fans and the volunteers.  He had a pug puppy with him and the pup was on the stage in back, which he decided was a toilet and peed right there.  Then he went sniffing a roadies boot…but he thought twice and didn’t lift a leg!

Sawyer Brown return again and as usual put on a very entertaining show. These guys have been around for awhile but still know how to put on a show.  They did their meet/greet right outside of their bus and I’m not sure if Mark Miller was not feeling good but he didn’t seem his normal self.

Emerson Drive is still trying to get a toe hold in the industry and are very welcoming and available.  All the band members were out and about before and after the show.  They spent quiet a bit of time mingling and talking with everybody backstage.

Here are some shots from Friday.



~ by Jim on July 2, 2008.

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