New Northlight area


Aka, my lobby.  We’re in the process of turning the front lobby area into another shooting area for the studio.  Northlight photography is the oldest and most beautiful lighting that portrait photography has ever seen.  The quality of true northlight is not able to be duplicated by artificial flashes/softboxes.  I’ve always been envious of my collegues that northlight in their camera rooms.  Well, sitting right under my nose all this time is MY northlight area.  Granted, I have to convert a portion of my lobby and move some stuff around when I’m shooting there, but it’ll be worth it!  I have just started re-designing the area and have a long way to go but I was able to photograph a senior ambassador last Saturday and thought I’d share some of the images.

Appointment times are filling-up fast for the summer, especially the outdoor times.  Call today to get the best choices!  800-824-7561, 647-8180.




~ by Jim on May 20, 2008.

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