Part of the Process

The polls have closed here in Wisc., Obama and McCain have been declared the winners.  I have voted in every primary and election since 1976, this one included.  It’s not often that a Wisc. primary has meant anything with regard to the nomination but this years is an exception.

 McCain delivered the final blow, IMO, tonight and Huckabee is atleast keeping McCain in the news.  Without Huckabee hanging around, McCain would fall off the front page.  But instead all the cable news networks put him on primetime for his “victory” speaches.

Obama hasn’t clinched anything yet but the mountain has just gotten alot steeper for Clinton.  Wisc. is her kind of state, but Obama bit into her base in just about every area.  The dems have quite a race on their hands, it’ll be interesting how they’ll handle it if Obama wins anything on March 4th.  I wouldn’t ever count the Clintons out, I’m sure Obama isn’t either.




~ by Jim on February 20, 2008.

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