Johnny Depp coming to town

Johnny Depp is starring in a movie about John Dilllinger.  Dillinger spent much of his time in Wisconsin, so much of the film is to be shot in WI.  A bank in my town, right across the street from my studio in Richland Center, has tentatively been selected as one of the locations for the movie.  It’s a 1930’s vintage building and has been very well preserved.  The street that we are located on is a designated historic main street and most of the buildings have reclaimed their original facade’s.  All that remains are the i’s to be dotted and t’s crossed, it’s expected to be a done deal.  People from the studio were in town measuring all the buildings and making plans on what to do with the street scenes last week.

They will be filming in town sometime in March and today they were holding the extra’s casting calls in Madison.  My 13 year old son, scencing on opportunity to get out of school, wanted to put his name on the list.  So we went.  It was interesting although somewhat of a let down.  All we did is fill out an information card and they took his picture and that was it.  Now we’ll wait and see, maybe he’ll get called.  It is exciting.




~ by Jim on February 16, 2008.

3 Responses to “Johnny Depp coming to town”

  1. Just wondering if you were able to obtain a work permit for your son? The extra casting company’s web site ( says she only hires kids with a work permit on file with her…well here in WI they said they will not issue one because the company is in IL… not sure what to do?? and the ph# for the casting place comes up disconnected and they dont seem to answer their email!!!???

  2. Hi Jodi,
    I got a work permit at our High School but at the casting call they said they didn’t need it! I told the gal, not Joan, that we had one but she didn’t think they needed to collect them. At their website there is a button called register, or something. Click on that and at the bottom there is a button to download their intent to hire letter, you will need to have that letter to get the permit. Just take that letter and say you need the permit.

    I guess Richland Center lost out to Columbus for the location shoot. Too bad for us! We haven’t heard anything aout needing extra’s, have you? I understand they’re shooing on March 10th.

  3. Hey Jim,
    Yep, I printed out the letter of intent buy my school dist wouldnt give a work permit because it was an IL company…not a WI company…so when we went to the casting call on Friday here in Milw (and froze our toes off!!) I finally was able to ask Joan and she said “Oh, we found out they are not needed” – Well Geez – could they have updated thier website or at least responded to the 5 emails I sent?? I guess not!!! They told us they could call anytime between March and June for xtras.
    Good Luck!

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