Political Time Out

As a conservative, albeit independent, I’m finding this presidential race riviting.  For the first time in history we’ll have two senators facing off in November, first time in history.  The last senator to be elected president right out of the senate was Kennedy.  Very interesting indeed.

We’ve got two equally inexperienced candidates (I don’t understand what “experience” Hillary has) going up against a seasoned veteran, no pun intended.  Now this may seem like a negative, but in this political climate it’l probably a good thing.  Americans, IMHO, are tired of business as usual in DC.  I know I am.  I’m tired of partisan politics, lobbists and PAC’s.  I’m hoping who ever is elected can bring everyone together to do what’s right for the country, not their party.

McCain has clinched the republican bid and Obama has a head of steam built-up that seems unstopable, if it weren’t for the fact that he’s going up against “The Clinton’s”.  I say, “The Clinton’s” cause they’re like “The Nelson’s”, Ozzie and Harriett, you can’t think of them individually only together as if they were joined at the hip with an intern inbetween.  Hillary was promised, IMO, the presidency.  She just had to wait her turn.  They’re not going quietly into the sunset, they’ll fight tooth and nail for every deligate, and pressure the “Super” deligates and somehow pull the strings to get Michigan and Florida counted.  This could fracture the Democrats for decades, but it’s The Clinton’s, what can you say.  Obama had better have his head on a swivel, it’s going to get ugly.

On the republican side there’s McCain, a real American hero.  Not the type that pretends to be one on the movie screen, or field of play, but the kind that everyone should admire.  As a prisoner of war at the Hanio Hilton, he had the opportunity to leave early because he was a high profile prisoner.  It was a propaganda stunt by the VC to make them look compassionate, he turned it down, chose to stay with his fellow American prisoners and he faced relentless beatings for six more years.  Hero.  72 is an unfortunate number, and being a republican is an unfortunate affiliation.  He’s about as moderate as any republican can be, but the country is tired of republican.  It’s time for a change.

~ by Jim on February 13, 2008.

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