Me and baby James 

As another day draws to a close the thought about posting on today’s blog creeps into mind.  Just sitting here with my long-time friend baby James, James Taylor to the younger age.  Of course, he’s not really here but on the dvd player, which is new for us.  He’s usually on an audio recording.  First starting out on a flat black piece of pressed vinyl, then 8 TRACK!!! we moved onto cassette and now cd/dvd.  Even though each technical advancement was an improvement, nothing can improve JT, baby James.  Somethings are just right in the world.

Think about the walnut.  Really, just think about it, I’ll wait……………………o.k.  Not much to think about really.  It’s rather small and outside of a few desserts rather insignificant.  But crack one open and you’ll find that the nut has grown to fill the entire inside of the shell.  Every crease and crevasse, every crack and fold.  It had no say in the shape or size but it grew to it’s fullest potential, it made the most of what it was given, 100% no complaints.  I think people would be wise to act more like a nut!




~ by Jim on February 8, 2008.

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